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Heritage Projects

The conservation of the Ontario historical fabric is a purpose that
B.A. Construction & Restoration Inc. embraces proudly.
With our well-developed expertise, we have been contributing since 1997
to the preservation of many landmarks designated as Heritage.
Some of our dearest projects can be found below.

mark-potterton-sNVkn3507Oo-unsplash (1).
The Malthouse 2.jpg

The Malthouse Lofts

This industrial sample of Edwardian Classicism was turn into a residential building using Heritage restoration techniques such as Jos cleaning, chemical cleaning, interior sandblasting, brick salvaging, brick replacement, mortar joint repair and carefully crafted new window openings.


Toronto Public Library
Dufferin-St. Clair Branch

Heritage Restoration of the historical facade and windows of the Toronto Public Library (Dufferin-St. Clair Branch).

Adamson Estates

Heritage masonry restoration.
Rethinking and repairs of heritage wood elements.
Waterproofing repairs.

Toronto Fire Station 346

Clock tower exterior heritage masonry restoration, salvaging and restoring clock face mechanisms, caulking and painting.


Bell Gairdner Estates

Heritage stone and brick wall and steps restoration.

Adamson Barn

Heritage building, wall and cupola repair. Painting and door reconstruction.

Forest Hill Apartments

Condo conversion of historic Toronto building. Masonry, precast repair and retrofit ties.

Niagara Falls Rainbow Bridge

Stairs and wall repair at duty-free shop, located at the Canadian side of the Rainbow bridge.

Cambridge Historic City Hall

Repointing, repairs and repainting of the exterior woodwork, repainting of the clock faces as well as the replacement of the existing bird netting.
The wood windows were re-puttied and cracks in the stone sills repaired.
Interior storm windows were fabricated and installed to match historical detail.


Paletta Estates

Heritage stone and concrete repair.

Our expertise and commitment to Heritage preservation are the main tools we use to unveil the original beauty
of our weathered landmarks.

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